“A capacity for facial remodeling in adults is retained throughout life.”

Dr. Donald H. Enlow, Chairman of the Orthodontic department, Case Western University, Cleveland Ohio

Tom Colquitt, DDS

“A number of years ago, after seeing Dr. Belfor’s presentation on Homeoblock treatment to develop the faces and airways of adults, I realized that I had suffered from dysfunctional mouth breathing my entire life up that point. I’d had a lifetime of near-fatal chronic inflammatory diseases.  I decided to treat myself, at age 69, with Homeoblocks, mouth tape, and self-regulated nasodiaphragmatic breathing and postural changes. After 18 months, the results were shockingly wonderful. I’d lost about 50 pounds without dieting after a lifetime fighting obesity, the symptoms of my Crohn’s Disease and skin problems vastly diminished, and my antihypertensive meds were cut in less than half.  The complete story of those changes can be seen in an 18-minute YouTube video of a presentation on my case I was asked to give in 2016 at he American Academy of Restorative Dentistry, of which I am a past president.

Since that time we have had similar success with adult patients over the age of 60 with Homeoblocks, and now use the Preventive Oral Device (POD) as our initial device, rather than mandibular advancement devices which can produce unfortunate occlusal changes, in our efforts to help our patients move from sickness to wellness through self-regulated breathing.

I strongly recommend the upcoming October course for anyone wishing to move beyond conventional “airway management strategies” toward effecting a cure for their patients, their families, and themselves.”

Dr. Steven Lin, DDS

“Dr. Theodore Belfor is a leader in the field of facial development, sleep disorders, and the role of
functional dentistry to correct growth and breathing issues. His research and system to understand the
airway and apply imaging based treatments plans should be understood by every dental and sleep physician. I highly recommend his course as a practitioner and as a patient to address sleep disorders, retractive orthodontic work, and TMD.”

Dr. Joanne Ahola, MD

”I do believe that the Uniblock device has not only changed my life, but will prolong it. I came to Dr. Belfor as a 59 year old physician, exhausted from a lifetime of impaired sleep and with some long term effects of sleep apnea including hypertension for several decades and weight gain. With four months of Uniblock therapy, I was breathing better and sleeping better, no longer snoring. On a weekend away, I went swimming for the first time since beginning the treatment. I have always loved swimming (and in fact I am a U.S. Swim Official), but I could not swim competitively or pass the lifeguard test because of breathing limitations. I could do a maximum of three strokes per breath doing freestyle. I would have panicked had I been forced to do more. That weekend, I found that I could swim five strokes per breath with ease! A forty percent improvement. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Belfor did an overnight oximetry test and found that I’d had only one apneic event over the entire night. I notice that I can swallow pills with much more ease. I no longer worry about keeping family members awake with snoring.”

Dr. Derek Mahony

“I first met Ted Belfor In 2009 and he introduced me to a revolutionary idea. The concept that the dentist can play a role in facial anti-aging and airway development. He had developed a functional orthopedic/orthodontic appliance that stimulated growth in the maxilla, mandible and the pharyngeal airway. I have been using the appliance which functions as the best of all possible orthodontic retainers.”

James Nestor

“Of the 5,400 species of mammals on the planet, why are humans the only ones with crooked teeth? Why are we the only species with sleep apnea? Why are we suffering from more and more chronic diseases — asthma, hypertension, diabetes, and on and on — with each new generation? These are the questions Belfor and Simonetti asked me when I first discovered their work a year ago. Their answers, based on twenty years of cutting-edge research, floored me.

I believe these two mavericks are leading a sea change in our understanding of how airways and mouth posture affect human health. And I believe their treatments and novel approaches could provide a real and permanent cure for a host of modern chronic diseases. These are tall claims, for sure, so don’t take my word for it. See for yourself.”

Tom Rizzo, Health & Wellness Director

“I just wanted to thank you once again for allowing me to get all the benefits from this “Pod” I purchased from you!  It CURED MY SNORING for one!  My fiancé said that all she wanted for her birthday AND Christmas was for me to fix my snoring.  She was so tired of wearing earplugs that hurt her ears (she said she could STILL hear my snoring even w/earplugs in).  So needless to say I jumped at the chance to try out the Pod when you said it might help!  Best money we’ve ever spent!  She said I haven’t snored in about 6 weeks now since starting to use this tiny device.  I went in to see you originally because of jaw pain.  You said it wasn’t aligned properly and that could also help this problem.  It fixed my jaw pain as well!  I don’t know how it works, but I couldn’t be happier! :)   Thanks again!”