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Your Body Healing Your Own Body

All of us have a built-in mechanism for self-correction. Mother nature wants symmetry and balance and proper function.  Our face and jaw development is a result of how we chew, swallow and breathe. Our 21stcentury diet has let us down, more than 60% of our diet, according to the USDA,  is processed and refined foods.  The food that we eat is too soft to generate our full facial growth and development. The polluted air we breathe stuffs our noses and as a result, we often breathe through our mouths and develop poor swallowing habits. When our jaws don’t grow, we have too little room for our tongue which can interfere with our breathing. 

Unilateral BiteBlock Technology® is designed to replace the hard food missing in our diet. Appliance therapy is designed to help our patients to generate nasal breathing and proper swallowing habits.

Dr. Belfor is available to treat patients by appointment only and provides a complete craniofacial patient evaluation using low radiation Cone Beam tomography to look at the nasal and oropharyngeal airways, TMJ and facial aging.