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Welcome to the journey from Newtonian to Quantum Dentistry

It’s the 21st century, and jaws and faces are steadily getting smaller, resulting in a rising tide of breathing and sleep disorders. Poor swallowing habits combine with decreasing room for the tongue to exacerbate these concerns. The dental industry must come together to zero in on the cause of these issues to bring proper care and restful sleep to our patients. Dr. Belfor worked to develop a comprehensive patient evaluation program that emphasizes the need to collaborate with other health practitioners to provide the best results for our patients. This program and related topics are covered as part of his lecture video series.

How Does Orthodontic Appliance Therapy Help?

Orthodontic appliance therapy has shown great promise in helping retrain patients to proper breathing and swallowing practices. By improving physiologic function patients have seen an improvement in sleep disordered by interrupted breathing, poor head posture, and relief from headaches and muscle pain caused by poor craniofacial development. By working with specialists including Myofunctional, Craniofacial, and Physical therapists as well as ENT doctors, great strides can be made in improving patient health.

The Tools Of The Trade

Central to this treatment is a new form of orthodontic appliance known as Homeoblock. Dr. Belfor participated in the development of this device, and is now one of its biggest advocates. The device itself uses biomechanics to generate intermittent pressure on the teeth when the patient swallows. This causes the bone cells to respond by slowly changing the shape of the bones in the craniofacial area. This gradual change helps to improve patient breathing leading to a better sleep experience.

Another valuable tool in his process is the POD® (Preventive Oral Device) that cleared the FDA in 2019. This device is custom fit for patients and is used as a superior treatment method for Bruxism and TMJ when compared to the flat plane occlusal guard. The POD ensures that the dental arches remain out of contact with one another, and allows the tongue to move forward further to help clear the pathway for breathing.

What You’ll Learn From This Training Lecture Series

This series will introduce you to the Homeoblock and POD and their place in this innovative treatment method. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, however. This comprehensive training series will include information about stem cell stimulation, the consequences of nose over mouth breathing, the role of the 3-gas system, and much more.

  • Patient evaluation and treatment planning using state of the art current technology

  • The Homeoblock Appliance, the Original Epigenetic Orthodontic Appliance

  • Breathing, Respiration and the 3-Gas-System

  • Mouth Breathingvs Nose breathing… What are the consequences?

  • Stem Cell Stimulation and Osteoblastogenesis

  • Mitochondrial nitric oxide synthase (mtNOS)

  • Peroxynitrite and Central Sensitization Syndromes

  • Developing new bone growth in our adult patients, an anti-aging technique

  • Address the lack of full craniofacial development in our adult patients

  • How can we reach our genetic potential of face and airway development through natural physiology processes

  • The ability of the geniohyoid muscle and the genioglossus muscle to help tone and maintain airway patency

  • Improving health and wellness through sutural homeostasis, the sphenoid and the cranial cervical mandibular system which improves posture and breathing

  • Facial anti-aging, osteogenesis and mechanotransduction

  • Treating Upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS)

Dr. Belfor put together this comprehensive lecture series to help practitioners like you learn new techniques to help alleviate breathing and sleeping problems using these techniques. They’re a valuable source of information for practitioners hoping the provide exceptional care and the latest treatment methods for related concerns. If you want to learn more about this lecture series you can reach out to us at 917-617-2704 for more information!

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